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Punta Cana Airport Transfer


Use our quick quote system to get the estimated cost of the airport shuttle pickup. This will vary depending on the drop off location, number of passengers, luggage.

Select Your Ride

Our shuttles can accommodate a certain number of passengers. Choose a ride that best fits the number of passengers you will be riding with and the luggage you are carrying.


Looking to surprise the love of your life? By adding drinks, champagne or if you are looking for kids safety by adding car seat or even better just imagine anything we can make it became real.


Once you have completed the details, submit your payment. You will then receive a confirmation of your booking and details of the pickup. Be sure to check your details before your travel. Once you’re done with the process, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with VIP Transfer Punta Cana.

VIP Transfer Punta Cana insurance coverage is US $ 1,000,000

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Punta Cana Airport Transfer
Punta Cana Airport Transfer
Punta Cana Airport Transfer
Punta Cana Airport Transfer
Punta Cana Airport Transfer
Punta Cana Airport Transfer

Punta Cana Airport Transfer

Have you chosen The Dominican Republic for your vacation and need to choose Punta Cana airport transfer? Punta Cana Airport Transfers can be a stressful situation especially if you are unfamiliar with the destination you are traveling to or the language spoken but it doesn’t have to be that way. Driving and travelling for long hours is so stressful process. Mostly the time management is very important, because you may miss the flight or business meeting if you reach lately. You are already in the right place! We understood your stress and busy life, so we are introduced these Dominican airport transfers exclusively for your travel needs. Make your trip luxury and relaxed with our great VIP Transfer Punta Cana services.
Our company has the fleet: minibuses, buses and luxury Chevrolet Suburban vehicles are 2017-2019 years, the drivers and the expertise to take the stress out of your journey. We have a transportation license and $ 1 million insurance. From the moment you arrive at Punta Cana Airport, you will be greeted by your drivers, guided through the entire transfer process and delivered to your final destination quickly and professionally – airport transfer Punta Cana.
Best of all you don’t have to take all of the logistics into your own care when you have a renowned and respected driver service at your disposal. No waiting on taxis, struggling with luggage and fumbling through directions in unfamiliar locations.
Punta Cana airport transfer are a travel necessity that often gets overlooked in hustle and bustle of making plans. Boarding, checking luggage and passing through security all make it easy to forget that once you’re clear of customs you still have to get across town to your hotel or residence until it’s time to do it all over again. In many airports, taxis are a serviceable way to travel but availability can be limited and there’s no guarantee that drivers will fluent in any language spoken outside of their borders. Rates can vary and familiarity with the area can lead confusing broken conversations about what route to take. In short, it can be frustrating.
VIP Transfer Punta Cana drivers are experts in the regions they drive in. They are fluent in English and local dialects and they are vetted against a very strict application process that ensures only the most highly qualified candidates end up making your transfer with you.
Special needs are not an issue when it comes to making your Punta Cana airport transfers. Everything from physical disabilities to secure transport to something a little more exciting you are covered. Having a physical disability doesn’t mean you should have to travel in any less than comfort than anyone else. Luckily advancements in technology have created opportunities to meet this needs better than ever.
For clients who have special considerations in safety and security, VIP Transfer Punta Cana has a fleet of vehicles and trained security personnel at your disposal to provide the peace of mind you seek. From the airport to your hotel or place and business and back to your next transfer, you will travel in luxury and style while receiving the highest level of security available in modern, discreet vehicles.
So have a good time, enjoy that luxury sittings, listen to the music and many more for you. Great rides through beautiful streets in luxury VIP Transports can made your day more beautiful and joyful. So when you go to travel then go to our Dominican airport transfer.
Punta Cana Airport Transfer with VIP Transfer Punta Cana your best choice in the Dominican Republic. You can use dominican airport transfers reviews to know the experiences of other clients and also leave your opinion in Tripadvisor. Clients recommend us on Tripadvisor with Excellence quality of airport transfers Punta Cana.

How to make a reservation?

There is nothing difficult. Choose the date and time of arrival, enter a meeting place and destination. If you want to book round trip, choose below option and press button to choose vehicle and additional things. In third step complete your data and flight data, choose a form of payment. Already. You receive a copy of the reservation to your email. For one hour you receive the confirmation of your reservation. If for any reason you did not receive it, please verify your data that you put in the reservation and contact us by email info@puntacana.vip or by WhatsApp + 1-829-662-6226. Do not worry we solve the problem very fast.

How can I know the transfer price?

Choose airport or location and place of destination, date and time of arrival and departure (not mandatory) and tap the button to choose type of transport.

How can I pay for your transfer?

At the end of the booking process you can choose the payment method: pay with PayPal (credit card) or cash to the driver in transfer.

Where will we meet with your driver?

At the airport, our driver will wait at the exit of the arrival area, where all the people waiting for the passengers are waiting. The driver will have a sign with text that you will enter in reservation.

What to do if my flight will be delayed?

Do not worry, our operations department is reviewing confirmed arrival times for flights. And the driver will be at the airport from the moment he is on the ground.

Vehicles have baby seats?

Yes, in the process of booking you can select the baby seats for various ages with additional cost.

How to know the travel time?

In the second booking step after entering the data, you can see the map with the route, mileage and travel time.

How to cancel the reservation?

You can send the cancellation letter to the email. But please send the letter of the same mail from where you have reserved. Free cancellations proceed one day before the transfer. Other conditions can be seen in Terms and Conditions.