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Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian now a Category 4 and is expected to strengthen as until a category 5

Hurricane Dorian fast facts: Dorian has strengthened to a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. Dorian is expected to become a major hurricane Friday and remain extremely dangerous through the weekend. Dorian is on track to make landfall early Monday, possibly as a powerful Category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Dorian strengthened to […]

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Travel FAQS

HOW CAN I GET TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC? The Dominican Republic has eight international airports, five cruise destinations and a variety of marinas for boats and yachts of all sizes, as well as smaller airports for private planes. Because this is such a large and diverse island, it is important to choose your arrival airport […]

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getting around


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION The Dominican Republic’s public transportation system is surprisingly modern and extensive. Dominicans are constantly on the road–visiting family in the countryside, conducting business, or shuffling to school. Taxis are ubiquitous, Uber is available in three major cities–Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata–and there’s always a form of bus service, big or small, going […]

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travel tips


CLIMATE Thanks to its Caribbean location, the Dominican Republic is a sunny year-round destination. Whether in the high altitude regions or in the cities, it is rare not to see blue skies during the day. The months of December through early March–coinciding with the coldest winters in North America and Europe–boast the most pleasant weather. […]

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air & sea travel


Air & sea travel to the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic boasts eight international airports, five cruise destinations, a variety of marinas for boats and yachts, and domestic airstrips for private planes and charters. Wherever you are headed in the DR, by air or by sea, choosing the right gateway is key. This is a […]

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dominican baseball


Dominican Baseball Dominican Baseball is favorite sport. For Dominicans, “pelota”–as we call it here–is more than a sport. It’s a limitless passion, a love for country and unity. For the young generation, baseball also symbolizes a dream and hope for a better future–with the possibility of becoming one of the world’s legendary Dominican baseball players. […]

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dominican carnival


Dominican Carnival Dominican Carnival – carnaval dominicano–is the most vibrant celebration of Dominican culture and identity. It’s a time when Dominicans of all ages and from all regions take to the streets, at home or in neighboring carnival cities, to enjoy parades with their families and loved ones. Every Sunday during the month of February, […]

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dominican music


Dominican music Dominican music is simple and interesting. Dominicans are renowned for their dancing talents–you will spot them spontaneously twirling at the park, on their house veranda, or pretty much anywhere they hear their music. The DR’s sounds and instruments are influenced by West African, Spanish, and European roots. Two principal genres dominate and are […]

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Dominican arts and crafts


Dominican arts and crafts Dominican arts and crafts reflect the country’s history and eclectic mélange of inhabitants. The Taino, Spanish, and African legacies have continued in numerous provinces around the country. The Taino, who were expert handicraftsmen, left behind tools and items inspired from mythology, rituals, and everyday life. You’ll spot remakes of the water […]

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dominican gastronomy


Dominican gastronomy There are a lot of dishes in Dominican gastronomy, ranging from soups and stews to street side fried snacks, and sweet coconut desserts. Beyond the classic Caribbean rice and beans plate are staple specialties unique to the DR. Familiarize yourself with a few of the Dominican’s staples, from table to roadside, to best […]

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